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Monday, April 13, 2009

Cool Free Stuff

I stumbled upon to some free stuff over the last few weeks so here you go:

Miasmah (Label)

Miasmah appears to be an ambient/idm label which released many many things for free and recently started releasing CDs. I have not checked out much of their catalog, but the tracks on their myspace page are quite good. If nothing else you should check out Xhale - 'Slugabed' because it reminds me of old Warp stuff and despite being free it fucking kicks ass.

official website
miasmah at discogs

Xynthetic (label)

Xynthetic is another netlabel. They focus on sort of industrial/ambient/idm/drum and bass. Again, I haven't checked that much out, but I recommend their first compilation "Statement Of Purpose" because it has fucking awesome tracks from Dryft, Displacer, Keef Baker, Amorph and a few others I can't remember at this time. Some suck, but hey it's free. Again, even though it's free it is very professional sounding. They've also very recently put out a second compilation, so that's probably good too. This label feels like Tympanik Lite, so if you like Tympanik you'll probably find some good stuff here.

Statement of Purpose:

Second Statement:

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