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Friday, August 13, 2010

GET THIS ALBUM: Access to Arasaka

This EP is called :Port and it's by one of the most exciting up and coming IDM producers: Access to Arasaka. If you haven't heard of him, than all you really need to know is that his music is similar to Gridlock, Beefcake, Kattoo, Stendeck, Dryft, etc. See that list? That is a fucking good ass list. You don't want to pass up a band who gets compared to those AND is releasing amazing EPs for FREE. Yes, I said this is free. It's also quite futuristic and cyberpunk sounding (as much as something can sound cyberpunk - I suppose its more the themes behind the music). Anyway, stop reading and click this link and download it: link

This EP is called ==null. It is, to date, the most recent release from Access to Arasaka. It is basically the same type of thing as described above except that its ambient. Futuristic, cyberpunk idm-inspired ambient. You need this in your collection. It is also free and can be obtained: here

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