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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cool Stuff 12-01-10

Here are a few misc links for you:

http://www.alternative-electronics.com/ - interesting database of what gear musicians use. The first time I checked this out it was really small, but it's since gotten pretty comprehensive

http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2010/11/22/holiday-electronic-music-gear-deals-2/ - a pretty cool list of holiday sales for music gear. I should've posted this earlier; Native Instruments had a really killer deal going on last weekend. sorry

http://bugscrawlingoutofpeople.bandcamp.com/ - free comp of industrial/rhythmic noise/breakcore/?? from bugs crawling out of people. some cool stuff from computerus, worms of the earth, iszoloscope, famine, it-clings, lucidstatic, etc

http://www.kahvi.org/releases.php?release_number=296 - free comp of idm/ambient from Kahvi Collective. some cool stuff from Planet Boelex, Dirk Geiger, Pandora's Black Book, Bad Loop, Lackluster, Tapage

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