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Monday, January 17, 2011

GET THIS ALBUM: Samsa - "A Forest Without Trees"

Artist: Samsa
Album: A Forest Without Trees
Label: Dark Winter
Year: 2006
Genre: Dark Ambient
Website: dark winter


Free dark, droning ambient album from Samsa, who coincidentally runs the ambient netlabel Dark Winter.

why you should get it:
Normally I stay away from netlabel ambient stuff, as the vast majority of it is quite horrible. A friend recommended Dark Winter to me a while back and so I checked out a few of its releases. As is typical, it was generally hit or miss, though I'd say it is one of the stronger netlabels releasing darker ambient-ish stuff. One release that really stood out to me, however, was Samsa's "A Forest Without Trees". I've had it on my hard drive for a year or two now and recently rediscovered it. It's a very competent effort; the type of thing that restores your faith in the capabilities of the netlabel. A bit similar to Visions in that when the project is the label owner, it's expected to be awesome and exemplify what the label is about. Well, Samsa successfully accomplishes that feat. It's a deep, droning, highly atmospheric album. It's not just boring drone either, there are good amounts of layered, evolving drones, coupled with distant sound effects, voices, samples, etc all happening to keep your attention. Definitely an album to check out for fans of dark ambient, not to mention that it's free!

get it from here: http://www.darkwinter.com/dw025.html

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