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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Asbaar is a new project that I've been quite into lately. It seems that it has potential to slip under people's radars, so I wanted to draw some attention to it here. Asbaar is the dark ambient/drone side project of Marc Merinee from Cold Meat Industry's Eldar. In 2010 he put out two albums, or, as I read somewhere, a two part album. The latter is probably more accurate because each one is comprised of 10 tracks, however on both albums you get 5 full length songs and 5 one to two minute interludes. So, in reality each album is like getting five 8-9 minute tracks, which isn't too bad. I bought the album "Corona Veli Aurei", released on Black Drone, on a whim since I enjoy Eldar and was interested in hearing him work outside of the martial paradigm. I was pleased to discover that the album is rather good. I went on to check out the other album, "Vita Mutatur Non Tollitur", released on Midnight Productions, and enjoyed that one quite a bit as well. The stuff is well-produced, rather boring droning ambient in the vein of cyclic law, but it does occasionally conjure the old industrial-tinged cold meat style. Definitely something to check out for fans of unintrusive, atmospheric, droning ambient. Another thing to note, "Corona Vita Aurei" comes with some legit packaging: a 6 panel digipak plus an 8 or so page booklet. Definitely worth checking out in hardcopy.

I grabbed it from Malignant distro, though I've seen it on most other dark ambient distros too.

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