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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tapage - "Seven"

Artist: Tapage & Meander
Album: Seven
Year: 2010
Label: Raumklang
Genre: IDM, Ambient
Website: www.raumklang-music.de
this release on discogs: here



This is the new digital release from Tapage. Not sure if it's considered an album or EP; it is comprised of 7 tracks, each named in the format "Part X of Seven", and all are exactly 7 minutes in length. As on his previous releases on Tympanik, the style is IDM / Ambient.

Good stuff:
+Sounds. Pretty good sound design. Everything sounds carefully crafted, though not terribly unique nor different. Good chime-y melodies, minimal atmosphere and rhythmic elements. Everything works together.
+ Mellow. This is a good album if you like mellow, melodic stuff. There is nothing abrasive, nor will you find any off the wall technical wanking here. It's vaguely along the lines of Planet Boelex or Amorph. Good for relaxing and drifting off to. The album carries a dreamy feeling to it, like you're quietly floating through the clouds on a warm night in no particular direction.
+ Production. As with his recent album with Meander, the production here is solid. All the elements are crystal clear.

Bad stuff:
- Evolution. Even though the tracks are all fairly lengthy in their 7 min duration, for the most part they don't feature significant evolution nor different parts, which is unfortunate because the "Etched in Salt" album did this very well. I like concept albums, and the  'making each track exactly 7 minutes' is interesting, in theory, although in practice this duration is a bit too long for some of this pieces, and it would not have hurt them to be a few minutes shorter.
Also would have liked more variation in percussion and melody (sound wise...e.g. all the melodies utilize a nearly identical chime sound).
- Standard. My biggest gripe with this is the fact that it kind of sounds like everything else in my IDM folder. It's definitely not bad, but at the end of the day it is standard, no-frills IDM.

A solid, if unremarkable, IDM release which is no doubt enjoyable, but unfortunately won't stick from the rest of your IDM collection. If you're a fan of Tapage or mellow IDM in general than you will find something here to enjoy, though nothing particularly groundbreaking. Regardless, I would suggest picking up the recent "Etched in Salt" album.

Overall Rating:

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