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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

GET THIS ALBUM: Adamned.age - "Fragile"

I have been a big fan of idm/ambient producer Adamned.age ever since hearing the EP Photosphaere some years ago. It was a brilliant dark, gritty collection of IDM, and I've made a point to check out almost everything else she has released. Adamned.age's releases are all IDM and/or ambient, and the new album "Fragile" released via Camomille Music is no exception: it is definitely more focused on the ambient side of things, but there are still spots of glitchy, clicky percussion. I was a little disappointed with the last release I'd heard from her, "Whiteout", but the new one more than makes up for that. "Fragile" is a huge, beautifully epic work. There is a heavy focus on sweeping, enveloping organic atmospheres, and as such, the use of percussion is more subdued than some previous work, but it is executed brilliantly and fits very well with the ambiance. Her ambient stuff has a very hypnotic, visionary quality which sucks you in and you quickly forget the real world; this album is similar to her "Eiskind" EP in that aspect. For example, listening to this album and staring at the white text on black background of the blog is literally giving me minor hallucinations right now. The production and sound quality are definitely a step up from previous work. I am rather surprised that someone would release something of this caliber as a free digital release, but thus far all of her work under the Adamned.age moniker has been free so I guess it makes sense. This is a MUST check out for all fans of ambient and emotive IDM! Once again it proves that Adamned.age is very, very underrated and should really be much more well known.

download the album here: here
this album on discogs: here

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