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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New & Forthcoming dark ambient

Some new / forthcoming albums:

In Slaughter Natives has a new 3xCD of live material coming out Oct 23 via Infinite Fog Productions
Dawn & Dusk Entwined has a new release coming out in Oct
New Risen Throne has a new release coming out in Nov via Cyclic Law
Vortex has a new release coming out in Nov via Cyclic Law
Coph'antae Tryr recently released a 2xCD collective of material via HORUScyclicdaemon
Brighter Death Now finally released his new 3xCD 'Very Little Fun' via Cold Meat Industry
Sonmi451 has released a new ambient album 'Star Atlas' via Time Released Sounds
Wilt + Horchata released a new album via [OHM] Records
Mystified has released a new album via Dark Winter
Cisfinitum has three split releases out so far this year, including one with The Law-Rah Collective and one with First Human Ferro

Cyclic Law has acknowledged some forthcoming albums for 2012 including Therradaemon, Mulm, Peter Bjargo and some re-releases of Karjalan Sissit
First Fallen Star has acknowledged some forthcoming releases for 2011/2012 including Svartsinn, Infallen and Nors'klh

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