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Monday, October 17, 2011

GET THIS ALBUM: Halgrath - "Liquid Mind"

When looking for new dark ambient, I tend only to look at the "established" labels, and ignore the sea of (typically terrible) no name releases. I saw on the Cold Meat site that Halgrath is one of the artists they plan to release in the near future, so I decided to check out her older work. I really didn't expect a whole lot from this album, whose title and artwork are more likely to be connected to a generic psytrance release (plus the ultra cheesy um black metal... i guess... logo), considering it was released on a no name netlabel whose download link takes you to mediafire (or some similarly named download site of questionable legitimacy). Regardless, I decided to take the plunge because it was free, and I was pleasantly surprised by this album. Though it's not the best dark ambient you will hear, it's certainly worth the admission fee and could fit in with the roster of an established label. Somewhat atypical noises and dark, evolving atmospheres abound, with lots of drones and prominent use of quite eerie female vocal oohs. The vocal fragments are definitely more creepy than pleasant, but in general they fit the atmosphere. The production is pretty good, better than what I expected. I was listening to this the other day and my girlfriend thought it was Atrium Carceri, so that should speak positively for it and give an idea as to how it sounds. It's free, so check it out. I am definitely interested to see what the follow up album brings.

check it out: here
on discogs: here

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