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Monday, January 9, 2012

BUY THIS ALBUM: c.db.sn - "...At The End Of It All"

c.db.sn (whom you will hopefully recognize from our compilations), as released his debut full length "...At The End Of It All" via the fantastic Tympanik Audio. Fans of IDM will absolutely not want to miss this one. I've always felt that c.db.sn is one of the top up & coming IDM producers out there, and this statement is fully proven by the album. ATEOIA is a great mixture of IDM percussion, huge ambient atmospheres, dubstep, and even some post rock. He has a penchant for beautiful, catchy melodies; absolutely colossal atmospheres; and extremely spacious mixes. This album is certainly one for fans of the IDM-ier side of the N5MD roster. Get it!

this release @ tympanik: here
this release on discogs: here

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