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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

new / upcoming releases

Here are some new / forthcoming releases you'll want to check out:

Cyclic Law has recently released new albums from Therradaemon, Peter Bjargo, Mulm, and is re-issuing some Karjalan Sissit albums.

Famine released a free digital album "Milk, or 10 Sephiroth" on his new label executive.netlabel

Triarii recently released their new EP "Exile" via Eternal Soul

Herbst9 has recently released a new album via Loki Foundation

Mind.in.a.Box recently released their new album "Revelations" via Metropolis

Hecq released a new 12in "Enceladus" via Ad Noiseam

The Carapace (side project of Scrap.edx) recently released a new album "Moments in Time" via Signifier

Oxyd is releasing a new album "Liveforms" via Signifier & Aliens Production

Caithness and Tabor Radosti have re-issued very old out of print material via Kalpamantra

The Last Gambit (side project of Mnemonic) has released a new album "Songs for People Who Like Us" via Halbsicht

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