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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wounds Compilation V - submissions open!

We have officially begun working on our fifth compilation. This one will again be focused on IDM with an industrial/ambient slant. Below are the guidelines:

- the compilation will again be free and digital.
- tracks must be predominately IDM in style. no straight up ambient, ebm, dubstep, etc.
- The overall theme is Water / Snow. Your track doesn't have to fit this theme but it would be cool if it did.
- submit 1-2 unmastered track(s) in wav format (if you prefer to master it on your own that's fine)
- Exclusive tracks are preferred. Remixes are fine. Previously released tracks will be given a low priority but may be included.
- contact either woundsoftheearth@gmail.com with a link (do NOT attach a file) to a song, or send it to our dropbox on soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/wounds-of-the-earth

***Please include all artist/song information when submitting. If you do not include the artist or song name the submission will NOT be accepted.

deadline: September 1

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