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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New / forthcoming releases

Some recent stuff worth checking out:

new Eldar - "The Secret Golden Flower" on Old Europa Cafe
new Asbaar - "Ex Umbra In Solem" on Old Europa Cafe (Eldar's dark ambient side project)

new Known Rebel - "Hollow Remixes" [free from bandcamp]
new Sonmi451 - "Four Peaks" on Time Released Sound
new Pleq / Spheruleus - "Quietus Gradualis" on Time Released Sound
new Plaster - "Soyuz" on Crazy Language [free]
new Dirk Geiger - "Elf Morgen" on Tympanik
new Anklebiter - "Raintree" on Tympanik

and a slew of re-releases from Loki Foundation, many of which have been re-mastered:

re-release Bad Sector - "Ampos" on Power & Steel (Loki Foundation)
re-release Bad Sector - "Astro" on Power & Steel (Loki Foundation)
re-release Herbst9 - "Eta Carinae" on Loki Foundation
re-release Herbst9 - "Buried Under Time and Sand" on Loki Foundation
re-release Predominance - "Nocturnal Gates of Incidence" on Loki Foundation
re-release Predominance - "Hindenburg" on Loki Foundation

also, Atrium Carceri has started his own digital dark ambient label called Cryo Chamber which began with the release of his new ambient project Sabled Sun, and is currently in the process of digitally re-releasing ALL of the Atrium Carceri albums. Check it out.
Also, it looks like Sabled Sun - "2145" will be released in hardcopy via Old Europa Cafe in july!


Anonymous said...

well those are some decent releases, yet your blog never seems to recognize http://tapeface.bandcamp.com/. or even r.roo for that matter. Well I doubt this comment is going to stick, just for future reference.

woundsoftheearth said...

thanks for your input. I am not familiar with either, but you could always post some info/links in the comments section if you think it is relevant to the blog.

Anonymous said...

http://tapeface.bandcamp.com/ that is a small bandcamp label run by Tapage. More or less short ep's, but some of the tracks are worth a mention. Some more ambient than others but still in the vein of idm.

http://www.abstraktreflections.net/ is another label that I think has some decent stuff on it, once again mostly idm/ambient. R.roo has a few releases on there, enjoyable music if I might say so. The 2 new ep's from Tim Ballista are ok.

This blog has a ton of great stuff on it, thanks for opening up my mind to newer music.