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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Scaffolding - "State of Constant Reverie"

Artist: Scaffolding
Album: State of Constant Reverie
Year: 2014
Label: Plastic Sound Supply
Genre: IDM, Downtempo, Jazz
Website: http://plasticsoundsupply.com/

Here we have a new EP from the highly under-appreciated IDM producer Scaffolding. This is unfortunately quite short, with only 3 original tracks and 2 remixes. It's somewhat different than his previous full length, Narratives, but not totally alien.

The first track "Child" is a hauntingly beautiful affair. Light, airy pads swirl around jazz-y melodic bits and subtle, click-y percussion. Not too dissimilar from the recent Zinovia album - the smooth, lush meeting point of jazz and IDM. It actually reminds me a lot of a Dr Wily castle stage from one of the NES Megaman games. Which I guess is to say an amalgam of the dreamy, organic, and futuristic. It actually carries a bit of the same flavor as psybient stuff like Bluetech. More subdued than his previous album, but no less talented or skillfully composed.
The second track "Light" is similar in scope, but gives me a more nostalgic vibe. Again it evokes a dreamy/futuristic vibe of old video games. The beats could have been a bit more up front, but I dig the atmosphere of this one for sure.
At this point the EP totally loses me. "My Funny Valentine" has lounge-y crooning male vocals and sounds like Adult Contemporary music. Like some shit you'd hear in a commercial for fancy soap or something. The programming and vocal recording/processing is well done, no doubt, however this is totally not my thing in the slightest and I won't comment beyond that. The two remixes are both unfortunately of this song and inhabit spheres of music that I have no knowledge or interest in, and therefore there is no point in me trying to review them.

It's free to download (you can donate if you like) so there is no reason not to at least check it out. Fans of chill, atmospheric IDM and, um...Adult Contemporary...will not be disappointed.

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