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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Decondition - "Sukellan Tuntemattomiin Syvyyksiin"

Artist: Decondition
Album: Sukellan Tuntemattomiin Syvyyksiin
Year: 2014
Label: Force Majeure
Genre: Noise, Power Electronics
Website: http://www.nuitetbrouillard.com/

Decondition is a project from Finland that has a prior release on Freak Animal Records.

I wish people wouldn't send me this type of stuff. I'm sorry but I hate this kind of "music". This album is 13 tracks of harsh and abrasive noise. There are sometimes industrial and junk sounds buried in there, and occasionally vocals, but everything is so distorted and squashed that it's near impossible to make out any specific sounds. It just sounds like a muck of distortion. There are 13 tracks but they all sound exactly the same to me. Each piece is wall to wall noise which never dies down and never lets up. I don't really hear any discernible sounds or textures here, just noise turned up as loud as it can get. One of the problems is the mastering which is limited to infinity and beyond, destroying any and all dynamics that could have been present. There are a couple of tracks like "Diseased Within" that could/should have been a little more subdued / ambient and developed a bit of atmosphere and mood, but because they are so smashed it completely destroys this potential and turns them into painful and fatiguing walls of sound. The problem that bands like this face is that if EVERYTHING is unremittingly harsh, than NOTHING is. If the whole record is turned up to 11 the entire time than you have nothing to compare it to and it ceases to have any punch or impact. A powerful record needs contrast; it needs tension; it needs mood, and direction. This has none of those. This is unfocused, unbridled aggression that ultimately achieves nothing. I feel that sure this record is incredibly "harsh", but as a listener I don't get anything out of the experience except for a headache. This record is the equivalent of banging your head repeatedly into a concrete wall; you get seriously injured and accomplish nothing.

If you want to feel super elitist about yourself and listen to music that is so harsh, abrasive, and pointless that no one could possibly enjoy it, than pick this up.

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