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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Check this: Karsten Hamre - Compendium I, II, & III

This week, dark ambient maestro Karsten Hamre has released three digital Compendium sets via his own label Black Mask Media which contain a very large amount of his work (from all of his projects) from over the years at a low price point. This is definitely something that fans of his will want to be aware of.

Compendium I consists of 12(!) releases from Arcane Art, Defraktor, and Veiled Allusions. It contains 72 tracks.

Compendium II consists of 11 releases from Dense Vision Shrine and The Flux Komplex. It contains 60 tracks.

Compendium III contains 9 releases of material crafted under his own name, including splits with Buben and Kenji Siratori. It contains 64 tracks.

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