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Friday, August 22, 2014

Tundra - "Tajnie I Głębie"

Artist: Tundra
Album: Tajnie I Głębie
Year: 2014
Label: Zoharum
Genre: Drone, Dark Ambient
Website: zoharum.com/

This is the new release from Polish drone duo Tundra. From what I can tell, this album is meant to be ritual ambient with the purpose of aiding in spiritual journeys.

Right away, Tajnie I Głębie plunges the listener into dark chasms of ritual ambience. These tracks are minimal and sparsely populated, relying predominately on layers of rising & falling drones which are occasionally punctuated by the clacking and shaking of acoustic instruments. It's a bit boring for me, though the production is quite good and helps these sounds achieve their full potential. When listening to this album I feel as though I am actually in a temple or ritual room meditating along with these men as their music illuminates our esoteric work. These sounds connect with me on a metaphysical level, and I do see how this would aid with inner journeys. I definitely feel that this would make good music for rituals, and it brings to mind acts like Arktau Eos and Halo Manash. "Wędrujące kamienie" gives me that inner temple vibe. "Powrót cz. 1" makes me feel as if I am floating alone in a sea of utter blackness. This track utilizes a spoken word vocal sample which doesn't seem like it should work, but in a weird way it adds something to the song. "Wrzosowiska" continues the lone ship a dark sea mood, but feels a bit grim-er due to the subdued, noisier drones that permeate this song. The only song I didn't like was "Król Lasu" - the annoying main melodic sound and empty composition made this one a chore to sit through. The album ends with the 17 minute piece "Powrót cz. 2" which has a rawer sound, as they mix in chunky, distorted drones through much of this track. Though it has some "harsh" elements in it, I still find it to be rather meditative and enveloping.

Something to check out for those looking for subdued ritual music that feels like a sparser version of some Aural Hypnox acts with cleaner, more modern production. It's solid, if predictable, drone music.

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