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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fundraiser for Don Hill aka Millipede

The label Signifier is currently running a fundraiser to help IDM artist Millipede (hymen records) battle cancer. Millipede has been featured on several of our compilations. Here is the info from their site:

"Many of us in this community of electronic music fans and musicians have come to know Chicago artist Millipede, otherwise known as Don Hill, as a man of great talent and good nature. It is with great sadness, that we learned today that Don is fighting Stage 4 renal cancer. If anyone can beat this thing, Don can do it. He has the loving support of his amazing wife and three young sons behind him and a community of people that are holding him up in positive thoughts and love. We feel compelled to help in some small way and, with the family's permission, are announcing that 50% of the proceeds from all Signifier sales from this point until further notice will go toward a fund for Don and his family to use to help with medical bills, pay for outings for the kids to help keep everyone as sane as possible during this battle, or whatever else it is that the family needs to get through this time."

More information on the fundraiser and the Signifer distro: [ here ]

To my knowledge, Ant Zen/Hymen is running a similar deal where all proceeds of Millipede albums are going directly to Don himself.

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