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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Wounds of the Earth DJ Mix 002 - Phasenmensch

"Travelling without any specific destination in mind can be a much more expedient process than determining exact goals beforhand ... at least for me. It is a dialogue with oneself and can be a state of mind consisting of a feeling of always arriving while still in motion.
When I sat down to do this mix I didn’t really know which tracks I would spin and was aware that this modus operandi might produce something a bit rough around the edges (which it did); but the willingness to take chances was dominant at that moment.
Recently there have been certain developments in our societies and all around the world that create the impression that life in modern societies has gotten out of balance due to different circumstances that affect our being in the present, our future and the way we think and interact with one another. Life accelerating, people burning out while constantly aiming for success without any regard for each other and unmindful of the consequences of their doing as long as there’s profit. There are questions and constant conflicts about being right or wrong leading to inhumane acts of hatred and cruelty while the reflecting mind trying to step out of those behavioural cycles is treated as a disobedient factor of interference by the majority. We’re doomed to encouter each other not as human beings but as beings of belief that keep up those protective barriers almost manically.
This is were music comes into play for me. As a force or punctum that pierces those barriers unexpectedly, as a form of communication, meditation and necessary catharsis of the mind.
Diving into the hypnotic sounds of techno and industrial and dedicating yourself to the raw and monotone sounds and structures of these genres, letting go of the world around you and  letting your existence surrender to an almost primitive but pure state of mind is what keeps me sane when the insanity of everyday life seems to get the upper hand. Hopefully the next 53 minutes will also allow you some cognitive drifting or at least make you dance like there’s no tomorrow. Enjoy and let us love more again!"

DJ: Phasenmensch
Mix Title: Behavioural Problems
Genre: Rhythmic Noise, Techno

1. Giorgio Gigli & Obtane - Industrial Assaults
2. Shifted - Sector D
3. Function & Vatican Shadow - Bejewled Body
4. Kangding Ray - Tempered Inmid
5. Ancient Methods - When all is said and done
6. Phasenmensch [feat. ICD-10] - Immunisierung
7. Geistform - High Energy Physics
8. Nullvektor - Ohne Zweifel
9. Monolith - Rotated
10. Phasenmensch - Thesis [Spiritual Communion Remix by Ecstasphere]

total time: 53:20

Download (320kbps)

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