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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Get This Album: Ionosphere - "Nightscape"

Ionosphere is a very mysterious project. There is very little in the way of bio, it doesn't release much, doesn't play out, and as far as I know there is no web presence whatsoever. That said, 2007's The Stellar Winds is one of my favorite dark ambient records of all time. After all these years I had all but given up hope for a follow up release and assumed the project had called it quits. Much to my dismay, however, seemingly out of nowhere a few weeks ago Loki Foundation announced the release of this new album Nightscape. Of course I picked it up as soon as it reached local distro. All that said, Nightscape is a great album and one to check out for sure. Although this album is more terrestrial and perhaps emotive than it's predecessor, Nightscape still carries that extremely "drift-y" and transcendent feel which made The Stellar Winds so great. It's full of languid droning soundscapes which are the amalgam of various subtle, amorphous bits that hook the listen in and bring on a state of hypnosis. Great stuff for meditation, contemplation, etc.

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