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Monday, August 17, 2015

Second Look: Combative Alignment - "...And Outside Glows The Red Dawn"

I remember receiving this album back near it's release in 2005 and giving it an average review. At the time I was pretty new to dark ambient and, looking back, realize now that I absolutely did not fully "get" the genre yet. As such, I really missed out on what a solid album this is. Overall, this is a very Loki Foundation sounding album (not surprising, as they also released on Loki) and brings to mind several of their acts, especially Herbst9 - who is one of my favorites. It conjures images of a primordial and primitive earth: bleak & sallow landscapes, uninhabited forests, and cultists performing arcane rituals deep within darkened caverns. I especially enjoy the buried/murky tribal elements (percussion, flute-esque pads, etc) which give this an incredibly ancient, mystical feel. This record has sat on my shelf for almost 10 years now, criminally under-listened to...but I plan on giving this quite a bit more attention as well as tracking down more of their catalog. Definitely a must own for fans of Loki, Malignant, Aural Hypnox, etc.

This record is still available from the Malignant shop and it looks like it's only $4. If you do not own this than you must buy it immediately!

[ Malignant Shop ]

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