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Monday, January 11, 2016

Tympanik New Year 50% off sale

From Tympanik Audio:

"Our annual New Year’s Sale is in full swing. Stock up on some tasty sounds at ridiculously affordable prices – CDs and Digital releases as low as $2. To celebrate the new year, take 50% off all CDs and Digital releases from our full catalog throughout the entire month of January. Fill out your Tympanik library with albums by Haujobb, Tineidae, Stendeck, Access To Arasaka, Zinovia, Legiac, Comaduster, Totakeke, ESA, Displacer, Tapage, Disharmony, and many more.

Visit our Bandcamp site and enter discount code TYMPANIK16 as you add items to your cart. Large orders please email us for shipping discounts. Hit the ground running in 2016 with sounds of the underground. ORDER HERE. "

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