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Monday, March 7, 2016

Get This Album: The Opposer Divine - Reverse Human

We don't cover dark electro music too much on this blog unless it's particularly notable; as is the case with Slovakian act The Opposer Divine. He recently released his second full length Reverse Human via Aliens Production and it struck me as one of the best new dark electro projects I've heard in a while. I've had the disc on repeat since I bought it the other week. A lot of the Aliens material treads the line between Industrial, IDM, and ambient so naturally this is a pretty good fit. It's got dark atmospheres and nonlinear structures similar to yelworc, mentallo & the fixer, individual totem, etc but with modern production and sounds. Not that it sounds particularly like yelworc, but the use of cinematic elements along with a proclivity towards ambient textures make that seem one of the more apt comparisons. The excellent sounds, convincing moods, and challenging compositions set it far from the simplistic dance side of modern industrial. Definitely something that must be heard by fans of retro old school electro-industrial (acts like Object, Pyrroline, Terminal State, etc) and of course the classic 90s stuff! Perfect for those who, like me, are into dark ambient and prefer their industrial music with a strong focus on atmosphere.

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