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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Get This Album: Mildreda - "Coward Philosophy"

This was certainly an unexpected Industrial gem. The guy from ebm/futurepop act Diskonnekted has decided to revive his early 90s project Mildreda...and it turns out that back in the day he was heavily influenced by not only the best of dark electro (Placebo Effect, Klinik, Numb, Mentallo, etc) but also dark ambient/martial stuff like In Slaughter Natives. Alfa Matrix has brought us this release which contains a full 13 track new album as well as a re-master of an old cassette release (from 1996) and 6 live tracks from a show in 1998. The old material holds up surprisingly well and excellently captures the heavy, ancient darkness of acts like ISN combined with the synthwork of dark electro like Placebo Effect and the driving percussion of classic EBM acts like Klinik. The new material is thankfully quite similar in scope (just with better production) and equally as dark and atmospheric. I'm extremely glad to hear a project making this kind of music in 2016 and capturing the best of the 90s. If you're like me and love industrial/ebm and cold meat industry than you will be pleased.

Unfortunately this release is digital-only, however you get 33 tracks for a mere 12 euro which is beyond a steal in this case. Absolutely a must get for fans of excellent old dark electro with a bit of a martial/dark ambient slant!! I seriously hope to hear more from this project.

[ Mildreda on bandcamp ]

Check out the facebook page for the band's track-by-track analysis

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