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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lua Nigra - Lua Nigra

Artist: Lua Nigra

Album: Self-Titled
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Ambient/Acoustic
Website: http://www.myspace.com/luanigra

This is an extremely short album, so I’ll just do a very short review so that the review isn’t longer than the album.

Packaging: 5/10

It came as a zip file and there’s lots of pictures included, many of them being scans of the original album artwork from the CD. There are also a lot of pictures that don’t have to do with anything, though.

Composition: 6/10

The music is admittedly quite beautiful. There are not as many electronic elements as one expects from this genre, but more of an emphasis on guitars and flutes. The biggest problem here is that the songs are way too short. The longest one on here is a little over two minutes and the total album time only barely clocks in over seven minutes.

Production: 8/10

It’s very well recorded. You can tell there were some high quality mics and preamps used in this recording. The mix is mostly very well balanced out. The EQing is a little bass-heavy, though.

Artistic Merit: 9/10

It’s definitely a high artistic achievement. This album is unlike anything else I’ve heard and very inspired.

Flow: 6/10

It flows well, but again, it’s just way too short..

Overall Rating: 7/10

This was a very nice listen, and very gorgeous. It’s just way too freaking short is all. Still, I thought it was worth the download.

-Jim Wicked
date 09-03-08

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