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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

[Haven] - "[Plastic]"

Artist: [Haven]
Album: [Plastic]
Year: 2009
Label: Tympanik
Genre: IDM / Electronica / Industrial
Website: http://www.myspace.com/havenproject

Composition: 7/10
Pretty, beat oriented dark electronica with atmospheric / harmonious synth. From Poland. Stuff you've heard before. But done well.

Production: 8/10
Good. Tight.

Artistic Merit: 5/10
It's not new at all but it's nice to listen to.

Flow: 8/10

Overall Rating: These are nice pretty songs. The album flow is good, but that is in part because there's really nothing that totally stands out and grabs you and makes you want to stop and hear just that track again. It's another hour of dark electronica from Tympanik. It's a pretty and good hour of electronica from Tympanik.... but it's more just sort of filler for the background of your life than it is really anything to rock out to or fall in love with.


Brad said...

Ok.... Are you guys genuinely obsessed with all things Tympanik, or does the obligation to review all the free Tympanik promos just not leave time for much else?

woundsoftheearth said...

they send us this stuff to review; not many other places have sent us stuff lately and/or the stuff is not worth reviewing.

Unknown said...

Yeah man I didn't even choose to review it- it just arrived one day and then I had to deal with it.