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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some free IDM comps

Here are a few free IDM comps that I stumbled upon recently which are really solid:

n5md's MMX comp:


I don't even need to hype it up, it's fucking n5md and it's free. DL it now.

Crazy Language - Crazy Compilation #4


4th installation of Crazy Language's comp series. Some really solid stuff from DNN, Huron, AZ-Rotator, etc

(you can also preview all the tracks)

Crazy Language - Crazy Compilation #3


dunno why I am just now getting this comp since it came out a year ago, but it's got some really, really good tracks from The Last Gambit, DNN, Sincere Trade and more. The Sincere Trade track is one of the best IDM jams i've heard in a long time.