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Thursday, September 23, 2010

GET THIS ALBUM: Bad Loop - "Fragments EP"

Artist: Bad Loop
Album: Fragments
Label: Soft Phase
Year: 2010
Genre: IDM / Psybient
Website: soft phase


Here is something different. Fragments is a free digital EP from IDM/electro/ambient artist Bad Loop. It's less dark and moody than most of the stuff we recommend. This one is more like Solar Fields or something you'd find in the Ultimae Records catalog, although with more of an fast-paced IDM tinge.

why you should buy it:
I listen to most of my IDM stuff at work. Being that I am at work, most of it becomes sort of background noise while I do other, more pressing, stuff. The way I know that an album is good is that I will find myself taken aback periodically from what I am working on and focus on the music and think something like "wow, this part/synth/track is really good". Each time I listen to Bad Loop - "Fragments", this feeling happens constantly, and on every single track. I constantly have to stop doing work because this album has so many beautiful synths and captivating parts to it and it would be a massive waste if I didn't pay attention to them. If you like pretty, melodic IDM than you must download this immediately. Remember, it's free AND it has a remix from Planet Boelex. In retrospect, I guess I could've originally just said it was similar to Planet Boelex...

get it here: http://softphase.org/

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