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Thursday, October 21, 2010

GET THIS ALBUM: Ad Noiseam sampler 2010

Each year / part of a year Ad Noiseam puts out a free sampler of some of thier upcoming and recent releases. The Autumn 2010 one just dropped. You can cop the free version which has the tracks at 64kbps mps (yuck) or buy the legit version. If you follow Ad Noiseam, you'll know they are dropping a lot of dubstep records these days and, as such, this comp is mostly filled with dubstep. Now, to be honest, dubstep has kind of run it's course for me. I heard some Burial and shit a few years back and thought it was ok. Then I heard Kryptic Minds and similar a little later and that stuff was cool too. Then, from my vantage point, it all turned into ultra watered-down, simplistic & repetative as fuck, pussy wobbly albino bassline Rusko and Caspa garbage and I said fuck this genre. Anyway, you had to read all that tl;dr stuff to give some context for when I say that this collection of dubstep is actually pretty cool and worth checking out. It's worth getting for the Matta vid alone; in fact both Matta tracks are killer. The new Subheim is killer. The Enduser dnb track is killer. And the Roel Funcken song is cool too, but if you were any kind of respectable human you'd already own that album. Anyway get the damn thing:


i don't feel like posting the album cover on here but it's a pic of a big moth. let your imagination run with that

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