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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wounds of the Earth Compilation III now accepting submissions!

Wounds of the Earth Compilation III
After the success and positive reception that Compilation II received, Wounds of the Earth is excited to put together it’s third compilation. Again, the main goal is to promote the vastly underrated style of industrial influenced IDM (see: Gridlock). However, we are expanding the comp a bit and now looking for dark ambient (see: Cold Meat Industry, Loki, Malignant, etc.). Again, this compilation will be a free digital release, available from a variety of sources in a variety of formats (FLAC, MP3, etc). The following are the submission guidelines:

- Tracks MUST be IDM and/or Ambient in style. Industrial influence is preferred.
- Tracks must be in wav format, 24bit 44.1hz is preferred. Mastering is optional; just let us know if the track is previously mastered. We will have an engineer level/master the tracks if necessary
- All users are allowed a maximum of two (2) submissions
- Tracks must be no longer than 10 minutes in length. Although this is a digital release, we are sticking to the parameters of a physical CD; the compilation will be one “disk” which will be no longer than 70 minutes; if there is enough good material we will release two “disks”. We are interested in promoting quality not quantity.
- Exclusive tracks are preferred. Remixes are acceptable. Previously released tracks will have the lowest priority, but may still be considered.

Again, we are only interested in releasing the best submissions. If you are interested in submitting a track, please email a link to the track (use yousendit, sendspace, etc.) to woundsoftheearth@gmail.com or send it to our soundclouddropbox @ http://soundcloud.com/wounds-of-the-earth
*Please include information about artist/song name, contact info, website, track credits etc. If you don’t include the artist/track name in the message it will be deleted.*


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I send the track to soundcloud. Mzai

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Looking forward to this new one!