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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Forgive me if I haven't adequately written about my love of the music of the Brothers Funcken. They are possibly the most prolific artists in the IDM field, and without a doubt one (some?) of the top. Today, I'll spend a few minutes writing about some of their work under the Quench alias. The Quench albums are my favorite stuff they write, and the two albums I am going to talk about today are without question in my top 5 IDM albums of all time.

"Dyn" & "Punctuated"

It should be readily apparent from the artwork of these releases what you are getting into. This is amazing, old school IDM at it's absolute best. What I love about the Quench albums is that, in addition to being brilliantly complex IDM, they seem to have a dark, almost industrial/cyberpunk edge to them, especially so on the Punctuated album. That, combined with the fact that this is really fucking dense, mature, sophisticated stuff makes these so epic. On tap, we're given huge amounts of dynamic, futuristic synthwork + beautiful hi-tech melodies and atmospheres, coupled with an enveloping tornado of percussion, it's winds spinning glitchy shrapnel of malfunctioning computers all around you. Words do a poor job of describing this. If you list IDM as a type of music you like on a social networking site...hell, if you have ever mentioned the term to anyone you need to own these albums. If they're not in your collection, buy them immediately. You can find them pretty cheap on amazon or half.com. DSBP distro had Punctuated listed for $5 for quite a while. perhaps even still.

According to their website, they are releasing a new Quench EP in feb 2011. From the sound of the preview, it looks to be be more like their later release Caipruss which is more modern sounding and less industrial-tinged.

link: http://www.funckarma.com

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Quarck said...

Totally agree! These Quench's albums must have every IDM listener.