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Friday, January 28, 2011

BUY THIS ALBUM: Famine - "Nature's Twin Tendencies"

Artist: Famine
Album: Nature's Twin Tendencies
Label: Tympanik
Year: 2010
Genre: IDM, Breakcore, Glitch
Website: www.tympanikaudio.com


Second full length album by Famine, following up the IDM/breakcore madness of Every Mirror Turns Black and the majestic old school dark ambient Cocytus EP.

why you should get it:
The bottom line is that this album needs to be present in every IDM fan's collection. Nature's Twin Tendencies is a strong competitor for most technically brilliant album on Tympanik to date. Musically, Famine goes all out on the technical wankery; I'd say this is on the level of Richard Devine, or maybe even Squarepusher, though due to the tight production and well crafted additional elements (samples, melodic "stuff", atmospheric sound textures, the hilarious chopped up choir on Material Things, etc) which infuse the tracks with emotion & purpose and sort of coalesce the chaos into a quasi tangible form, the album feels like actual songs rather than just mindless DSP rape. As I mentioned, the production is amazing; everything is super crisp and audible; the melodic elements sound massive and are extremely cohesive with the percussive elements; and of course the the absolutely huge, full, complex rhythmic sections will rip your cerebrum out like hundreds of tiny writhing tentacles worming their way inside your skull. If you're familiar with Famine, than you know he likes to mash up black metal and breakcore, and in the middle of the album you'll find a clump of tracks of that style. These are more refined and developed than the ones on Every Mirror Turns Black, so even if you hate metal these are worth a listen.  If you hate them, at least be content knowing that there are only 3, and they are grouped together for easy bypassing.

If you like your IDM extremely challenging and complex, with several pinches of black metal and breakcore, than this one is absolutely not to be missed! For a really good representation of this album, check out the title track; everything you need is contained within it. The limited scope of written language allows me regretfully little ability to express the true grandiosity of the track, so just listen for yourself.

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