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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fresh dark ambient compilations

Last night I was going through discogs.com and came across some obscure compilations from Kalpmantra. For some reason it was rather difficult to track down where to actually get these comps, despite the fact that they are free to download. Ironically, a few hours after I had downloaded a couple of them, I saw Cyclic Law and various artists posting about the brand new Kalpmantra comp (its called Chenrezig) that came out literally one hour or so after I had been checking out the site.

Anyhow, there are several comps on the website, and they're all free. They feature some pretty excellent selections, although unfortunately it appears that most of the tracks (at least from names you'll recognize) are previously released. If you've got a large dark ambient collection you may not find much new here, but it's still worth a look. Regardless, it's a solid collection. All in all, you'll find tracks from acts like Visions, Land:Fire, Herbst9, Phragments, Phelios, False Mirror, Peter Anderssen, Collapsar, Triangular Ascension, Northaunt, Svartsinn, Kammerheit, Hyios, Empusae, Freeze Etch, Phaenon, and a ton of lesser known names.

The compilations worth getting IMO are the new one Chenrezig, Emissions and Ritus Terra Prolis

To check out and download these compilations: go here

In addition to the comps there are a few free albums as well, though nothing I'd heard of before.

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