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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dirk Geiger interview

Today, some questions with Dirk Geiger. He recently released a solid ambient/idm album on Tympanik Audio and also runs his own label called Raumklang Music. Anything else you should know you will find below:

Firstly, can you give us a brief history of your project?

I do music since about 18 years. After about 2 years doing music I started the industrial project “Kraftmaschine” with my good friend Benedetto Rizzo. About four years ago, I felt a change in the way of my music. I decided to start a solo project under my real name “Dirk Geiger”.

Since 2007 I published several songs on various compilations. My first mini-album, I also published in 2007 on the German label "Netzschall". In 2008 I released the album "Dondukov 15" as CD on my own label "Raumklang Music ". 2010, I came in contact with Paul Nielsen of “Tympanik Audio” My good friend Maurizio Blanco from “Klangstabil” helped me to come in contact with Paul, cause at this time it was very hard to place a demo CD at Tympanik Audio. They are full of demos and officially they didn’t accept new demos. Paul Nielsen listened to my demo, and after some weeks Paul got in contact with me and he said that he likes my album and we should do a CD release. So I published my album "Autumn Fields" in September 2010 at Tympanik Audio.

What inspires you to write music? What draws you to the medium of electronic music?

I am a creative person and music has always been a central point in my life. I can express myself in my songs. Music helps me to keep a balance in life. A life without music is unimaginable.

Why I chose for electronic music? Well, the decision was not targeted at this time. I had never learned to play an instrument. I started with trackers and samples. And since I was always involved in electronic music, that was my first choice. Over time, changed the software and hardware. But that is always an eternal cycle :-)

I am very glad to have opted for the electronic music. Electronic music is definitely the most complex of all music. There are so many different types of electronic music. This is what makes this music so exciting and entertaining.

Your track for the compilation is “Autumn Life (Cold January mix)”. Can you give us a bit on insight on what inspired this track, how you composed it, etc.?

The Original Song of Autumn Life is mentioned on my last album, "Autumn Fields ". The song and the entire album were written in the fall. The mood in the autumn, the colors of the trees, the morning fog, and all these impressions left a very special feeling for me. So I grabbed my wave-recorder and recorded the sounds that I thought was important and appropriate. The field recordings I built into my songs. They are actually rather the backbone of the songs. The recordings help me to convey the mood better to the listener.

Tell us a bit about your studio. What gear are you using, what is your favorite gear, etc.?

I've set up some years ago a nice sound and music studio in the basement of my house. Here I do the most of my musician work. Basically I use everything I can get my hands to make music. I am curious and would like to have tried everything. Mainly I produce with the software "Propellerhead Reason" and some midi synths. I produce now almost exclusively on software tools because you have so much plug-ins and sounds. That is beyond any horizon.  

You also run the label Raumklang Music. Tell us a bit about the label and how that got started.

       I run the label Raumklang Music since 2002. I founded the label to other talented artists to support and push. Raumklang Music is not fixed to specific music genres of electronic music. There have already published many well-known artists to Raumklang Music and 2011 also has some surprises for you. You may be curious :-).

What can we expect in the future from Dirk Geiger?
This year, the remix album of "Autumn Fields" published through Tympanik audio. Likewise, I will publish an album on my label Raumklang Music. I will be present at Ettlich samplers with songs and in May I play with Subheim and square meters in Moscow and St. Petersburg. I am currently looking for more gigs. If so someone will read this interview of me would like to book, I would look forward to.

Here are the weblinks to my homepage:


On facebook and myspace I am also represented.

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