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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wounds of the Earth Compilation III

Wounds of the Earth Compilation III out now!!!!!

catalog #WOE009
release date: 03-09-11
style: idm, ambient, dark ambient, drone

We're unleashing some seriously intense chaos with the third installment of our compilation series. This time we've got 26 IDM and Dark Ambient tracks to chew on, nearly all of which are exclusive! Each part comes with several panels of exclusive artwork as well. The majority of these acts don't need an introduction, and you wouldn't want to waste time reading it anyhow. View the artwork for links to each act; if you enjoy their track, buy some of their stuff or drop them a line to know you dig their tunes!

1. C.DB.SN - 'A Silent Sea'
2. Access to Arasaka - 'Seraphic Variate'
3. Dirk Geiger - 'Autumn Life (Cold January mix)'
4. Lucidstatic - 'Welts'
5. Famine - 'Webcam Politics (live 2006)'
6. Worms of the Earth - 'Mul Aš-iku'
7. Circle Six - 'Development'
8. Mzai - 'Here They Are'
9.  Enabl.ed - 'Drowning Errors (v.1)'
10. Nors'klh - 'The Untitled (2010)'
11. Pleq - 'The Pain of the City (Glitch Version)'
12. SE & Daniel Tompkins - 'N'

part2.dark ambient
1. False Mirror - 'Charybdis'
2. Therradaemon - 'Tekel'
3. Dead Man's Hill - 'Haunted Castle'
4. Roto Visage - 'The Death of Kotzwara'
5. Phaenon - 'Disturbed Surface (sharp remix)'
6. The Peoples Republic of Europe - 'Gleise 518g'
7. Candle Nine - 'Demeanor'
8. Famine - 'The Pauline Art'
9. Galvanax - 'My Thousand Other Forms'
10. Svartsinn - 'Towards The Dark And Cold'
11. Mystified - 'Spellbound'
12. Nihili Christi - 'Salt On My Wounds'
13. Bunk Data - 'Eyes Burned With Anguish'
14. Monade - 'Travelling to the Elfenkingdom'

*Therradaemon is a side project of Northaunt, Monade is a side project of Dead Man's Hill and Daniel Tompkins is the frontman of century media signed metal band TesseracT 

compiled by Dan Barrett for Wounds of the Earth
photos + art on part 1 by Dan Barrett
photos on part 2 by Zach Rose

download compilation: MP3 (VBR)
download part 1 only: MP3 (VBR)
download part 2 only: MP3 (VBR)

to download FLAC and preview tracks check out http://woundsoftheearth.bandcamp.com


Anonymous said...

Added to the blog http://tumblr.com/xfw1q6qf8z :)

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added :) http://tumblr.com/xfw1q6qf8z

fatih said...

great compilations. thanks for the post

Marwinsing said...

WOTE III ~ Ah... loving the Dark Ambient, my music genre speciality, thank you kindly brother - Mark from South Africa.

Eclipse said...

shared on tumblr too;)
thanks for keeping it on dude