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Friday, April 15, 2011

Bunk Data Interview

Interview with Nathan Larson of Bunk Data, Samsa and head of the Dark Winter netlabel.

more info: www.bunkdata.com

Firstly, can you give us a brief history of your Bunk Data project?

I started recording under the name Bunk Data in 2006 after my time under the moniker "Samsa" from 1995 - 2005. In 2006 I was looking at different ways to incorporate new sounds into my atmospheres so I felt a new name was in order. 

What inspires you to write music? What draws you to the medium of ambient music?

Unknown inspiration - music is written to communicate a hidden message. I am drawn to this medium because it is best suited to opening doors (or windows) of consciousness which allow a person to receive the transmission.

Your track for the compilation is “Eyes Burned With Anguish”. Can you give us a bit on insight on what inspired this track, how you composed it, etc.?

This track was created using a Virus TI Polar sequenced by a generative Lemur patch layered and mixed with Eurroack modular and reverb, recorded in realtime. No computers were used other than to record the final mix. I was going for a more industrial yet subdued soundscape here - dark and meditative.

Tell us a bit about your studio. What gear are you using, what is your favorite gear, etc.?

My setup is pretty simple: I have a Eurorack Modular, Virus TI Polar, Lemur, Akai APC20 and Eventide Space reverb. The new Eventide Space reverb is pretty sweet I have to admit!

You also run the netlabel Dark Winter. Can you tell us a bit about the label and how it got started?

I created Dark Winter in late 2002 after Green House Music closed its doors.  The label started out as a CDR label and the first seven releases were CDR only.  I had more desire to release music than I had to make a profit so I decided to go for full net.label for the time being. This allowed me to release projects on my schedule (i.e. monthly) and not have to worry about where the funding was coming from. Since going net.label we have had a few CDR releases, but all of our releases have remained available for free download.  

What can we expect in the future from Bunk Data?

I just released a collaboration with Austrian drone artist Abre Ojos called ‘Sidereus’ on Endless Ascent (http://endlessascent.com/ea014.html) I also am working on another collaboration with Ryuta.k (oVdk) and doing some other solo works. Another Subseason release is coming up as well, and I have a few live shows in the local area soon. 

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