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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Peep this: Autechre - "EPs 1991 - 2002"

Here is a pretty nifty recent release. Warp records has bundled up most of Autechre's EPs from 91-02 in this 5xCD boxset. It's not totally complete, but its got Anti EP, Basscad EP, Anvil Vampre, Garbage, Envane, EP7, Gantz Graf, and a few more, including their first ever release Cavity Job! It's all been remastered and placed in the super boring black on black box you see above. I got the set for around 27$ US on amazon, so if you are a fan of Autechre looking to hear some of their misc works without having to shell out the money for / track down each individual EP than there is really no reason not to check this out. It's a great deal and very convenient, imo, and I'm quite glad that Warp decided to do this re-issue.

release on discogs: here

1 comment:

chase.db.sn said...

super boring? no way. just too intelligent for your taste, somewhere someone in an IDM jacket is smirking at how IDM the black on black on black choice is.