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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

C.DB.SN + Scaffolding - "Covalent States"

Artist: C.DB.SN + Scaffolding
Album: Covalent States
Year: 2011
Label: Plastic Sound Supply
Genre: IDM, Ambient
Website: www.plasticsoundsupply.com
this album on discogs: here

"Covalent" States is a 4 track EP split release from extremely promising IDM producers C.DB.SN and Scaffolding. Each act has one original track and a remix of the other act's track. It's a brief affair, so here's the breakdown:
1. Scaffolding - 'Metals'
'Metals' is fairly similar to the material on his full length "Narratives". It's a quirkly, complex IDM track that somehow still manages to carry an air of minimalism. Great subtle atmospheric elements,
coupled with a multitude of catchy, interesting melodic lines and ambientish fills. The beats are rather low key, remaining in the background, but their subtly works very well. Throughout its duration, the track builds steadily until it erupts with a cool modulating bassline, after which continues to ebb and flow brilliantly. A very active track indeed.
2. C.DB.SN - 'Mercury'
In typical C.DB.SN fashion, we are given a long, beautifully melodic ambient intro which very slowly builds into minimal, melodic IDM. One of the things that sets him apart from other contemporary producers is his proficiency with complex, glitchy percussion. Towards the middle of the track we are given a heavily reverbed, dreamy melody. This track focuses more on ambiance and atmosphere, while not sacrificing complexity, and is a good juxtaposition to the Scaffolding track. I wish it was about twice as long because it's easy to lose yourself in and it's a bummer when it ends.
3. Metals (C.DB.SN remix)
C.DB.SN brings the beats to the forefront in this mix, amping up the glitchiness. He takes out some of the bass to give it a lighter, more floaty/dreamy feel.
4. Mercury (Scaffolding remix)
Scaffolding does an amazing job on this remix, and turns it into very much into a Scaffolding piece. It's less atmospheric than the original, but instead utilizes layers of melodic elements and his trademark modulating, weird sounding synths.

Bad stuff:
- Too short!!

"Covalent States" offers some exceptional tracks by two of the most talented underground IDM producers out there. Easily one of the best and most interesting IDM releases I have heard in a long time. Absolutely do not miss it! Definitely keep an eye out for these guys in the future.

Overall Rating:

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