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Thursday, December 8, 2011

[WOE010] V/A - "IV: Eridanus Supervoid" OUT NOW

Wounds of the Earth Compilation IV: Eridanus Supervoid

1. Visions - Eclipsed
2. Parhelion - Dark Star Origins
3. Nordvargr - Transmitting Emptiness
4. New Risen Throne - Orbiting Gates
5. Dahlia's Tear - Hydrangea Wept In Emerald Lake (re-mastered)
6. Emme Ya - IV- Call Of The Hidden God
7. Coph'antae Tryr - Moem pt. 1
8. Coph'antae Tryr - Moem pt. 2
9. Psychomanteum - In The Wake Of Abeyance
10. Svartsinn - ...But The Fire Burns No More
11. Worms of the Earth - Drawing The Twelve Sigils Of Set-heh
12. Roto Visage - Window Well
13. Lost Kadath - Voidum MMVII
14. Bunk Data - Angelus Rector
15. Phaenon - Cosmogony
16. Bloodstalker - Transmission
17. Mystified - Where God Lives
18. Nors'klh - La Marche Dissonante
19. Osman Arabi - Snakes, Lizards and Shamans
20. Triangular Ascension - Post Nubila Phoebus
21. Cyasta Fractis - The Hope Is Dies Here
22. Aythis - The Ground Is Burning
23. The Earth King - Entering The Cosmic Vagina
24. Veniculture - That Is Poetry
25. Circle Six - Caina
26. Ghosts In The Clocktower - V4641 Sgr
27. Access to Arasaka - Holo
28. c.db.sn - Lost Transmission
29. Millipede - The Island Of Perelandra
30. Famine - Everyone Is Medicated (Sincere Trade remix)

free digital release, comes in mp3 or flac format, and 10 pages of high quality artwork!

compiled by Dan Barrett for Wounds of the Earth 2011.
artwork & mastering by Dan Barrett. Many thanks to all the amazing projects that participated in this work and all those that support Wounds of the Earth!

due to expected high traffic, please download from one of the other sites if the bandcamp runs out of free downloads or is down.
download from bandcamp || preview all / download all (mp3 or flac): here
mirror 1. archive.org || view all files: here || full release:  mp3 | flac
mirror 2. full release: mp3

*"Transmitting Emptiness" originally appears on full length Interstellar 2 [205 recordings]
*"Hydrangea Wept In Emerald Lake" originally appears on the full length HESTMOEIRCG [ravenheart]. re-mastered for this compilation
*"But The Fire Burns No More" originally appears on full length Traces of Nothingness [cyclic law]
*"Drawing The Twelve Sigils Of Set-heh" is from forthcoming full length Azal'ucel


scarfish69 said...

I just stumbled onto this place, looks interesting. Thanks for the compilation!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. It's great.

fatih said...

great comp. thank you.

Anonymous said...

Excellent music. Thank you everyone!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this, i am a massive fan of Phaenon and was directed to this compilation from Phaenon's facebook page. I'm downloading it right now, i'm sure i'll love it and i will post here again once i've listened to the entire compilation to tell which are my favorite songs. Thanks again,


6R1MM01R3 said...

Dudes, this compilation just blew my ears and brain (metaphorically speaking)
I just can see the universe, expanding and resonating before my eyes, as if I were in the origin watching matter and space unfold in a dark and eerie communion in an abysmal void.