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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lost Kadath interview

Interview with the dark ambient project Lost Kadath. For more info go: here

Firstly, can you give us a brief history of your project?

My solo project was born during the first days of September 2005. At first the name was only Kadath, but then I’ve changed it, putting the term “Lost” near it. The choice of this name came after reading “The Dream-Quest of the Unknown Kadath”, from Lovecraft, that has hypnotized myself. I didn’t know anything about this music, so I’ve tried to make something “dark”, but after a year my friend (actually the singer of my Doom Metal band) suggested to listen to some projects like Mz.412, Atrium Carceri and Svartsinn, and I realized that this kind of music was what I was looking for.

What inspires you to make music? What draws you to the medium of ambient music?

The main inspiration comes from some of my tough times, for my tribute to Lovecraft and for other things like abandoned places, great landscapes, sunsets, paranormal presences and so on... Then I transform into themes which are the perdition into unknown dimensions, where time becomes secondary, unreal, releasing echoes of screams from a damned soul.

Your track for the compilation is “Voidum MMVII”. Can you give us a bit of insight on what inspired the track, how you composed it, etc?

This track has taken inspiration from a tough time passed about 4-5 years ago, and at the same time for my interest into the cosmos, of what there’s beyond our Solar System, beyond the known space... I have spent many moments during the night to watch the sky in my places and begin to imagine about these things.
I have composed it using lots of samples, modifying them at the best to get the right mood of the track, to express the journey of a human being who is lost in the space, and at the end of the track it’s devoured from the great void.

Tell us a bit about your studio. What gear are you using, what is your favorite gear/techniques/etc ?

For writing process I use Reaper, and Fruity Loops for other things. I use many samples and to put something else in the structure of the track, something like pads or particular effects, I use Absynth 5, connected with an M-Audio Axiom 25 Advanced. About techniques I like to record or take some vocal samples, and then put a very low pitch mixed with a strong reverb, or other effects. Sounds like demons or aliens who are growling in an abandoned church. This is a particularity that I sometimes put in my tracks.

You are also the drummer for the doom metal band (EchO). How does that influence your solo ambient material?

The main thing that binds them is my taste in music: I like dark, heavy and melancholic stuff. I’ve taken the occasion to use my solo project to write a one minute and half track, during the recording sessions of the demo entitled “Omnivoid” , and actually I’ve written some interlude parts for our gigs to give much more feeling on our songs and big sensations to the audience. I tested them the first time during the gig with Dornenreich and Agrypnie in our hometown, and the result was satisfactory, receiving positive feedbacks.

What can we expect in the future from Lost Kadath?

Actually I’m writing a three-tracks EP for Kalpamantra that will be available for free from his Bandcamp page, then I’ll write something for a physical product. Maybe in the future I’ll do some live sessions. Can’t wait to write something for your next compilation, same thing for Kalpamantra, I found myself very well with both!

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