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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Emme Ya Interview

Interview with Edgar Kerval, also known as the dark ambient producer Emme Ya.

more information: www.sunbehindthesun.blogspot.com

Firstly, can you give us a brief history of your project?

So, the name Emme Ya emerged in a strange way into my life back 2008...so I was dreaming and in such voyage, I was naked running into a long cold labyrinth, images and symbols around spoken to me in strange ways; days after, I was painting and drew a kind of image of some candles burning and some faces (spirits) coming from the candles. So later I became so obsessed by a book called “Voudon gnostic Workbook” by Michael Bertiaux. So I bought the book and my surprise when reading it was the first rituals involved the use of candles to evoke spirits of voodoo pantheon (loas). So I was involved into some practices, and from somewhere comes the idea about a distant planet of dimensional structure from sirus system, so I start to read some books and stuff and find EMME YA, there were a kind of synchronity between rituals, loas and magical currents all of them converging into this project. With months of development and hard work into such magickal currents came to my brain the idea to create a kind of artistically musical project involving my knowledge and experimentations. And then Emme Ya was born as shining light evoking the most primal and obscure aspects from my being and everything begins to mutate and transform itself into strong musical structures which got the attention of a lot people worldwide due the nature and primitive explorations generated here.Then Justin from Cold Spring recs (uk) shows interest and “Atavistic Dreams And Phallic Totems” was recorded due delays with such incredible record label finally the album emerged in September of last year 2011.
And Bouderswjin From The Dutch label The Mercurious Collective, offer us a deal for an album called “Beyond The Secret Flame(The Aiwass Manifesto)...so everything its growing in a proper way and the most strange way is how creative and obsessed I become with Emme Ya. I think the spirits created this ritualistic music through me, due how each pulsation, arrangement, and atmospheres are gathered in a mysterious but effective way. Actually I have released an album called "The Conjuration Ov the Red Goddess" by a local record label Archon Visions. And two split cds one with the project of Italian man Gabriel and LUNA DOPA called "Apotheosis Psychoerotica" and the other with Brazilian act POSTHUMAN TANTRA called "Vortex Ov The Primal Cell". Also a split album free online with my sister Bathory Legion called "Kapala" Released by Sombre soniks.and several compilations!!! One of them a double cd by zoharum recs, and with other labels such as Quartier 23, Wounds of the Earth, Kalpamantra, Sombre soniks...

What inspires you to make music? What draws you to the medium of ambient music?

Basically the man inspiration to create music is without a doubt my magickal practices and explorations inside the occultism for years! So it has been a very incredible exposition to create such living sonic sigils at this existential plane. The guides to ambient ritual music is how penetrating, dense and ritualistic some sounds can be created under respective methods and technics! O its incredible to see exposition of artists such as Akoustic Timbre Frekuency, Halo Manash, Inade, Herbst9, Arktau Eos, Troum, and others …bringing such ritualistic elements to ambient music creating an in deep vast collage of transformative pieces, not falling into monotony and bringing new elements to ambient!! There are lots of new projects coming with excellent music worth to check ,so really  very satisfied with  this .

Your track for the compilation is “IV – The Call Ov The Hidden God”. Can you give us a bit of insight on what inspired the track, how you composed it, etc?

The main force and structure, for this composition are some enigmatic spirits which I call the red gods, a preliminary daily invocation was recorded and put together into a sole piece,and the result was really a very ritualistic piece full of dense and vaporous dark atmospheres.

Tell us a bit about your studio. What gear are you using, what is your favorite gear/techniques/etc ?

My stuff, it’s so funny to say studio, just my pc programs such as Ableton live, Reason 4 ,some mics,and  analog artifacts such as bottles, flutes, wooden instruments created by me, metal tunes, bells and so on,…I like so much to add analog sounds  and to experiment with them before a determinate track. Not specific technic, but analog ritual sounds, are important elements in my music.

Your debut full length “Atavistic Dreams & Phallic Totems” was released last June on Cold Spring. There is a really great concept behind this album that first intrigued me to check out your project. Tell us a bit about the process of creating this album, the inspiration for it, etc.

This is a special album, for everything was represented/represents in my life, it was like a personal manifestation, opening so many channels of perceptions beyond the Sirius system and the dogon tribe. Its hidden knowledge and stellar wisdom was channelized by myself and try to vision it in each one of the compositions included in “atavistic…”!! The creation, production and response in general was just amazing, and surely it will come again with a second album coming in cold Spring recs in September called "Chthonic Transmissions (Abysmi Vel Daath)"!! more info coming soon!

You have recently released a split with Bathory Legion called “Kapala” on Sombre Soniks. Tell us about creating this album, the inspiration for it, etc.

The idea behind this release was Bathory Legion, which I have a strong connection, and Pripaus 23 from Sombre Soniks! The idea was to create a kind ritualistic piece, with both projects BATHORY LEGION/EMME YA. “Kapala” is a concept dealing with this kind of human skull instrument used for ritual practices in tantric Buddhism and Tibetan. The mostly concept was handled and the result was perfect. Someone who wants can get the album for free here: http://sombresoniks.bandcamp.com/album/kapala to have a proper idea of the whole album in general.

What can we expect in the future from Emme Ya?

Well, this year we have some stuff to be released during this year 2012:

EMME YA "Aerum Vel Saeculi"(The Vision And The Voice) Album (Strange Recs) out February 2012
EMME YA"Chthonic Trasmission(Abysmi Vel daath" out 2012 (Cold Spring)
EMME YA "Ophidian vibrations" digipack 2012 (Zoharum)
EMME YA/PSYCHONAUT 75 split cd "333" (Labyrinths Ov The Hidden Gnosis) (Sephira Daath)
EMME YA / BLACK SEAS OF INFINITY Split cd ""Ophitic Oracles Bespoke Isheth Zenunim" (No label yet)
EMME YA/HOROLOGIUM Cooperation album "Prometheio In Two acts" Cdr 2011 (Ur Muzik)
EMME YA /NUIT “"Hau-Hra (Hymns Ov Adoration to Seth-Apep) /"coiled purple splendour" (Noctivagant)!!!
The cassette lp EMME YA"Erotognosis" (The Voices From The Void) Cass Lp 2012 will be out next week via Brave Mysteries.  And I just hope in future to travel Europe to begin a series of live ritual transformations, but due economic situation here in Colombia will take some long time to do!! Thank so much for your endless support!!

From The Void…
…Into The Labyrinths
Edgar Kerval


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