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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Zandoz Corp. Interview

Interview with the industrial/breakcore/rhythmic noise project Zandoz Corp. who recently signed to US label Signifier. For more information: http://zandozcorp.blogspot.com/

Firstly, can you give us a brief history of the project? Where did the project’s name come from?

The name is a reference to "Sandoz", where Dr. Albert Hoffman worked as a researcher and "alchemical scientist", being responsible for the "discovery" and synthesizing of substances directly responsible for "awakening" in countless human beings.
A sort of homage to this happening, after all the world would not be the same if he had not.We would not have the art of Alex Grey and H.R. Giger, just for example.

What influences you to create music as ZandoZ Corp.?

Basically "good and evil". Duality. Opposites. The co-existence of both sides of a single face. I believe that music is the physical representation of a feeling, so I try to create a music based in any situation, whether real or fictitious, but I always have a theme for my tracks when I start to compose. As it has no lyrics, I normally relate the theme of the music to the track name. On some tracks we have feelings of hope, in others we have feelings of anger.

What draws you to IDM / Industrial / Rhythmic Noise music?

I have listened to industrial music since I was 15 years old. Currently my musical taste is very complex. I could hear, for example, a  "Winterkalte" album and following one of "Lisa Gerrard".
This type of music (Rhythmic Noise, Breaks, IDM, etc…) has a lot to do with the proposal project. If you notice well, you will see that there are always organic sounds  altered to sound as "electronic".
I love broken rhythms, such as breakcore and even slower as trip hop, and I believe this gives a unique characteristic to the tracks because I bring other types of music to a world a little more distorted.
I intend to act in another project with a sound more organic with percussion and other instruments.

You have recently signed to the US label Signifer. Tell us what we can expect from your forthcoming album?

The album title,"Personal Apocalypse",  talks about an internal change. The most important change.
On the cover artwork you can see a paradisaical place, but all the nature elements in fury within a "human being". We have to deconstruct and rebuild.
Musically, a fast album with a broken cadence and full of melodies and ambiences. A sound recommended for hearing in comfortable conditions and closed eyes. An interior dance. Maybe a little cleaner in some respects, but probably the most broken and loud minimalist.
The song "Across the Time," which was posted on the project page on Soundcloud , the style of the album defines well, some tracks slower, others faster than this one. Some other more aggressive, more melodic. I think this track is a good preview.

How was creating the new album different from your past work, such as the “Like Gears” Album?

I took a pause of approximately one year and a half in the activities of ZandoZ Corp. , when I decided to release this album in honor of some people who asked a lot about the project during this time.
A portion of the disc had already been partially made, and then I finished these ones and  created the others. Counted with the collaboration of great friends in the finalization of the album, such as artwork and mastering.
Particularly is my favorite, although like much of "Like Gears" album.

Tell us a bit about your studio; what are your favorite pieces of gear, techniques, etc?

I am very familiar with the Pro-Tools software; I like it a lot to work with the audio files, but eventually I use some other software such as Ableton Live or Cubase for the midi part, which I use with an Oxygen Keyboard as a controller. Also I record a few paces in a electronic drum with pads that I use as a controller for an analogue Korg synth/Drum. I must have good audio monitors to have very good references, mainly because it is a "dirty" song.

What is the scene like in Sao Paulo, Brazil? Is there an audience for this kind of electronic music?

There are many "mainstream" electronic music parties, but not so much dedicated to alternative or a bit more "aggressive" or "complex" electronic music styles. We still have some Gothic and EBM parties where you can listen a lot of Darkelectro, and also some Dubstep or Breaks parties, but not focused on heavy and broken electronic music.
I also have played as DJ during years and in my sets I ever have played Rhythmic Noise, Technoid and Powernoise tracks, but only at EBM parties.
There are many people who like alternative electronic music here and some good bands from Noise, Ambient, Power Electronics, Dark Electro and EBM. But as it is a very big city, people end up breaking up and many people just do not leave home. This year some shows are rolling very nice and we will have "Atari Teenage Riot" at the end of this month. Some friends' projects are returning to active duty and recently reopened a classic nightclub, and new horizons. But nothing very specific style of music of the project.

What can we expect in the future from ZandoZ Corp.?

I already have ideas for the next album and it will have more organic elements and percussion.
We are also planning ZandoZ Corp's gigs where we will have the participation of 2 or 3 guest musicians. It will be something quite unique and have a stage filled with more elements of the tracks being performed live.
I have also invested in new equipment in order to bring more music later.
I really would like to know people have more time to listen to ZandoZ Corp. music in Europe and North America, where I think is the place with the most part of people who likes this type of music.
I hope you enjoy this new album and the next, as soon that it`s done.
For short term I am always involved with remixes and also have another projects of different styles of music.


You can download all of their previous releases from their website. Zandoz Corp. makes hard hitting breakcore and noise-tinged industrial soundscapes, quite similar to Lucidstatic. Fans of that sound should be sure to check out some of the Zandoz Corp back catalog:

"Like Gears"
[Le Château des Rêves]

"Suffocating Egos"
[Le Château des Rêves]

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Anonymous said...

Great project, I've seem this guy evolve from a wicked Laibach remix to a real personal Apocalypse, congratulations for signing up, I'm sure you are not yet done developing your sound, keep it going ZandoZ Corp.!