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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Nmls - "Transmission EP"

Artist: Nmls
Album: Transmission EP
Year: 2014
Label: Component Recordings
Genre: IDM, Industrial
Website: componentrecordings.bandcamp.com

Here we have the debut EP from an artist named Nmls. The EP is quite short, with only 2 original songs and 2 remixes.

The opener "On Air" quite surprised me. It actually sounds similar to mid era Gridlock! Seems as though Component is picking up where they left off which is great. Anyway, this track is pretty good: a crunchy beat with lots of stutters combined with big futuristic pads and a pleasant dream-like melody. My main complaint is that the song should be more dynamic - the beat never quits and it gets kind of annoying, would be great to have it drop out for a bit and have a less intense section that lasts for more than a couple seconds.
Unfortunately the other original track, "Transmission", falls short of it's predecessor. It starts on the right foot with some pleasing sounds - the pads and melody are nice & evocative, and there is adequate space in the mix. Sadly this foundation quickly falls apart as more elements are introduced and the mix becomes extremely muddy and it ends up sounding like a chaotic mess.
The first remix comes from K-Not.  Seems that he kept most of the original but made the beats more dynamic and glitchy. One major plus is that he provides a harder hitting kick drum that punches through the mix, something very lacking in the original. Towards the end of the track he adds in some wobbles and shuffle to give it his own flavor.
The second remix, and final track, is from Zyxt of whom I am a big fan. His production is much tighter than the original and his drums really pop. This is basically how the original should have sounded - he takes a smattering of the original sounds and aggrandizes them in every way. I would have liked more melody, which is usually where he delivers, although I suppose the pad and sporadic melodic hit are enough to carry this.

It's hard to discern Nmls' style and skills from only two tracks, but I'm curious to hear more, especially if the style is that of the track "On Air". I like the general sound presented: old school IDM sound with big emotive pads and melodies; however, the poor mixing is a large obstacle that needs to be overcome or at least improved upon. If Nmls can get that sorted than I think there is a lot of potential to fill the gap of industrial-strength IDM.

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