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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Lost Kadath - "Monochromatic Regression EP"

Artist: Lost Kadath
Album: Monochromatic Regression EP
Year: 2014
Label: Old Europa Cafe / Kalpamantra
Genre: Drone, Dark Ambient
Website:  lostkadath.bandcamp.com

Monochromatic Regression is a 4 track EP from dark ambient producer Lost Kadath. It was originally released digitally by netlabel Kalpamantra, but was recently re-released in limited edition hardcopy in conjunction with Old Europa Cafe. You may also know him as the drummer for Italian doom metal band (EchO).

The EP opens with "Devoured Soul (Ouija Experience)". The minimal, claustrophobic droning soundscape make me feel as if I am alone on a vast, dark world lit only by my latern. Surrounding me is an impenetrable wall of shadows, and seemingly endless blackness. I can sense undefined shapes moving just out of perception. Every so often something flickers into view for a brief moment before quickly rescinding back into the great nothingness. This song brings to mind the equally subdued space-faring works of Gustaf Hildebrand and would be a fitting soundtrack to one of the more cosmic-leaning HP Lovecraft stories. Musically, it's comprised of deep cosmic droning with various sound effects interspersed throughout. He also makes good use of rising bursts of white noise which brings to mind dead or faulty equipment in a dying space station.
For better or worse, tracks 2 and 3 are basically the same thing. Ab Stract 2.47 is quite enjoyable; the only major difference between it and the opener is a buried pad which lends some framework to the nebulous composition. While I enjoy the shipwrecked-on-a-dead-world vibe of the EP, I get bored during "Pernicious Existence" as the minimalism starts to wear on me. It would have been nice to hear more significant changes - more pronounced, different sfx, some melodies, pads, etc.
The last track, "Wreckage of Neuronal Purification", is more stimulating as it employs some different, more active textures and higher frequency atonal droning which bolsters the aforementioned abandoned spacecraft vibe. This would definitely be appropriate for a survival horror or FPS game that takes place in some outer space related setting, as it certainly conjures visions of trekking through the wreckage of a spaceship or deserted colony on a distant planet.

A bit on the minimal side, but definitely one to check out for those who want to explore the realms of cosmic, eldritch horrors. Somewhat similar to Gustaf Hildebrand, Visions, and Collapsar. I'm definitely curious to hear a full length from this project. My only suggestion would be more variation in his compositions. While I absolutely enjoy this sound, it's 34 minutes of the same exact vibe and it would be nice for him to develop different facets of this realm a bit more.

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