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Monday, October 27, 2014

HozmOz- "Fading Mechanisms"

Artist: HosmOz
Album: Fading Mechanisms
Year: 2014
Label: Bedroom Research
Genre: Glitch, IDM
Website:  bedroomresearch.bandcamp.com

I was really excited to finally get a full length from this guy. I loved his Vulva EP and felt like he was one of the few new IDM/glitch artists alongside Richard Devine, Vaetxh, Roel Funcken and a few others who are really pushing the genre and making next level stuff. Fading Mechanisms delivers what I expected and is a solid offering in the world of glitchy, super complex IDM.

Like I expressed above, I would put HosmOz in the same category as guys like Devine and Vaetxh, however I enjoy his stuff a bit more because I feel that it is more musical. I can't say that it's more structured, as it's totally amorphous and constantly mutates and shifts throughout the duration of each track, but it does carry somewhat certain persist elements such as steady kick & snare beats which provide groove and some semblance of direction. There are also a decent amount of pads, melodies, and such normal musical elements. Some of the tracks, such as the aptly titled "Devine Samples" (guess he sampled Devine? Probably could have thought of a better title...) have FM style synth bits and pads, whereas others like "Psaranih" and "Remajak" utilize squelchy acid lines and feel more like Luke Vibert on...ready for this...acid. At least this is the kind of stuff I like to listen to on lsd - ultra complex, unpredictable music that your conscious brain can't fully wrap itself around; although on some level the subconscious processes the genius required to construct this music. While most of the album is fairly high BPM and energy, there are times such as "Purple Kurt" where things slow down & open up a bit and there is more focus on pads, reverb, and atmospheric elements. There are 16 tracks here (3 of them remixes) which are all detailed to such an incredible level that I could not begin to break them down into a coherent, succinct review. Suffice to say that Fading Mechanisms contains a plethora of absolutely excellent material fused together by expert craftsmanship. Actually, the artwork pretty much sums it up. This album sounds exactly how the cover looks. Definitely a must get for fans of next level IDM and labels like Warp, Detroit Underground, etc.

Just get it.

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