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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Wounds of the Earth DJ Mix 003 - DJ Seraphim

"Industrial soundscapes paint vivid pictures of the world in which we live, soundtracking its very movement. Seraphim, also known as Chris Halstead, is a DJ from Seattle, Washington who got his start in the Los Angeles subculture club scene. His sonic aesthetic is rooted in industrial-scapes, minimalist atmospherics and experimentalism. His influences can be heard throughout his mixes, where heavy industrial beats and the experimentalism of IDM meet EBM rawness or the more atmospheric forms of ambient. DJ Seraphim pieces these harsh electronic beats together, making a more cohesive chaos for the modern day dance floor."

DJ: DJ Seraphim
Mix Title: Damaged Human Component
Genre: Post-Industrial, IDM, Ambient

01 Tineidae - Damaged Datastream
02 SubtractiveLAD - New World, Old Wound
03 S Cage - Gone (Undone)
04 Nullgrad - Departure
05 Haujobb - Dead Market (Engineers Dub)
06 Erode - Detect
07 Known Rebel - Mogarakom
08 Tineidae - Paper Birds
09 Atiq & EnK - Moonlit Tea Party (Atiq`s Cup Of Tea Remix)
10 Architect - St. Vodka (Mother Russia)

total time: 49:45

download mix (192kbps)

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