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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Get This Album: Yen Pox - "Between The Horizon And The Abyss"

Dark ambient masters Yen Pox finally return with a new full length! Although they released a 12in in 2011, their last full length was a split with Troum in 2002. Despite a (more or less) 13 year absence, this new release proves that they still have it - and possibly more now than ever! Between The Horizon and The Abyss is every bit as dark, menacing, and deep as previous releases, only now with cleaner sounds and better production. It reminds me somewhat of Blood Music - namely most of the things I enjoyed about the ambient first disc (speaking about the re-release); there are definitely many sounds and textures that are distinctly "Yen Pox". While it doesn't chart new ground, they took their trademark sound and refined it to perfection as they take the listener on a darkened journey from the blackest pits at the bottom of hell to the emptiness of the vast space between celestial spheres. An absolute must hear for anyone interested in dark ambient!

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