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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Quick Looks 1/14/16

Chihei Hatakeyama & Dirk Serries - "The Storm of Silence"
[Glacial Movements]

Newest release from icy drone label Glacial Movements. GM and a project involving Dirk Serries (vidnaObmana)...I bet you can guess how it sounds. As expected, this album delivers 4 fairly long tracks (mostly 10-12 minutes) of hypnotic, arctic tundra-evoking drone with no surprises. While the sound and aural textures are undoubtedly compelling and professional, if you listen to this type of music than I'm sure you already own 50 records that sound exactly like this. That said, this is certainly a suitable musical accompaniment to exploring arctic, sky, inner, or astral regions. It's highly visionary and perfectly captures the sound & mood of overcast, wintry places such as what is shown in the cover art. This isn't my first choice of ambient music styles, but on those cold mornings when I come into work and I'm yearning for something minimal, beautiful, and atmospheric than I could absolutely see myself reaching for this album. Ultimately, this is super minimal drone but it nails all the qualities people are looking for in that style. Fans of the Glacial Movements sound should enjoy it.

Swarm Intelligence - "Rust"
[Ad Noiseam]

Rust is the follow up to Swam Intelligence's crushing, doomy, industrial-tinged juggernaut Faction. This album is pretty much more of the same, although this time with a bit less of the everpresent crushing, doomy atmosphere. Many of the trademarks remain, however: the slow tempos, the noisy, growling basslines; the crunchy industrial percussion; the mechanical, austere synth bits. This is music for the the darkened, emotionless dystopian future and the battalions of robotic soldiers whom march within it. Similarly to his last album, I find Rust to be cool for a few tracks before it starts to feel homogenous and repetitive. Probably would have been solid as a 4 track LP, but 10 tracks is a little long. However, I do like that he mixes it up with more atmospheric ambient passages ("Courtyard", "Chamber" and "Theirbach Demoish" are all straight ambient tracks with no beats) as it adds variety and helps to flesh out the dystopian narrative filled with decaying future cities, forlorn sewer systems, giant compactors, etc. Honestly, I quite enjoyed the ambient tracks and I'd like to hear him do an entire release of ambient music. Check this album out if you want to hear bass music forged in the furnace of industrial doom.

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