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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wounds Of The Earth DJ Mix 014

Last weekend was a holiday here in the US and it also signaled the start of summer. As such, it's been hot and humid and terrible here. In response I made this extra long mix of cold, ancient dark ambient atmospheres to transport us back to more tolerable, isolated climates. There is a ton of great shit in this mix and it showcases a lot of my favorite acts in the genre. Nothing else really needs to be said, listen for some of the best dark ambient ever created.

DJ: Dan Barrett
Genre: Dark Ambient, Drone, Industrial

Visions - Summoning The Void
Vestigial - Last Extinction Prayer
Tholen - Cryogenic Ceremonies
Shrine - Scrinivm
Phelios - Passing The Solar Firestorms
New Risen Throne - Loneliness
Lamia Vox - Lapis Occultus
Inade - The World Behind The World
Herbst9 - Sennacherib, Lugal
Cryobiosis - Into Nothingness
Circular - From A Concealed Awareness
Atrium Carceri - A Curved Blade
Coph Nia - End
Inner Vision Laboratory - Lifethread
Innfallen - Prologue (Inner Locutions)
Paranoia Inducta - Maze Of Death
Raison d'etre - Katharos
Hymnambulae - Ett Ord Fran Oknen

total time: 95:57

listen @ mixcloud ]

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