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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Huge charity comp from Santa Sangre

Dark ambient zine Santa Sangre has put together a MASSIVE benefit compilation which was released today. Here is the info from their site:

" "Where Words Fail, Music Speaks". This compilation is a small initiative on behalf of Santa Sangre Magazine, dedicated to Ania, the wife of Maciej Mehring, the founder of the Zoharum label and the Bisclaveret project. In August Ania was diagnosed with Sarcoma Synoviale, an exceptionally malignant tumor. The fight will be hard, but Ania absolutely does not want to surrender. That's not at all an option. But the treatment is expensive and money is needed like never before.

In our desire to support Ania, we hereby present to you a collection of unreleased tracks by some of the best artists in the ambient, dark ambient, experimental & neofolk fields. I think you're all going to find something you like. The designated price for the compilation is 9,99 EUR, but if you're willing to pay more, we'll be more than happy. "

The compilation features 62 exclusive tracks from acts including: Rapoon, Robert Rich, Biosphere, Troum, In Slaughter Natives, Apocryphos, Cities Last Broadcast, Asmorod, S.E.T.I., Shrine, Atomine Elektrine, Nordvargr, Deutsch Nepal, Cisfinitum, Dead Voices On Air, Alio Die, and tons more. Get it!!


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